Face Book, The Ever Best Social Media Platform

These days there are tremendous amounts of social media platforms available on the earth. For my career of using social media, it started from MySpace and currently the most frequently used social media are twitter, instagram, line, and Face Book. all of these social media are specifically classified into a different type.

Twitter is classified as a micro blog, which has a limitation to the number of words that we can express, but for mobile users it might be the strongest platform to be spread out the word.

Instagram is a photo sharing social media, which has a great support from the younger generations that thinks people who use Face Book is old. Instagram can impact people by just one shot from your smart phone and edit those like a professional picture.

Line is a free text and calling social media more popular in the Asian country. Something very similar to What’s app in the United States. It is great that we can call and text without paying any fee to the company however it requires a good frequency standing.

And the Face Book. Face Book is my best using social media platform today because it’s useability, design, and its market share. It used to be No.1 user share and now it has been taken over by twitter, but still Face Book has its only characteristics that other do not have.

1. Face Book can post basically anything. there are no restrictions for the amount of posting.

2. best for both PC and Smartphone. I admit that twitter looks great on smartphone, but on laptops… nope. For Face Book, it looks smooth and wonderful on both device.

3. What’s App added. Recently Face Book bought What’s App and I can’t wait for the new function of Face Book which might contain some of the awesome What’s App attribute.

And over all, when you make a YouTube video, took a photo,feeling that you want to chat, or review your memory. You can do all of those things in Face Book and that’s why he is the best social media platform!!



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